Shine Brightly (…On Purpose)

Have you ever been called out? Have you ever been told truths of which you didn’t want to hear or even acknowledge? Have you ever had someone love you so much that they challenge you to live up to your full God given potential? I have and when it happens, it is the best, worst thing ever.

Here’s the thing: I can be scatterbrained and a bit forgetful. It’s true. I used to pride myself on flying by the seat of my pants and “making it work”. I preferred terms like “flexible” and “easy-going”. But, let me tell you something, it took someone speaking some serious TRUTH into me to realize that my “identity” of being “flexible” was simply an excuse for laziness. Ouch.

After immediately becoming defensive, I did something crazy. I listened. After a bit of listening, I realized something- it was true. My so called “identity” was not an identity at all but merely a bad habit. By living in a state of constant distraction, I was not living up to my full potential. I was meandering through my daily life in high speed and hoping that somehow it would all work out. It usually did by the way; but at the expense of something or someone else…which isn’t good.

You see we’ve been given this precious gift in life called time. It’s beautiful but it’s fleeting and temporary. It’s our job to use that time to live with purpose and intention-even in the small things. Even in the things that “don’t matter.” Trust me, they do.

Now I’m not saying every single minute of every day has to be perfectly planned and scheduled. That’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about the precious gift of time that you’ve been given and intentionally utilizing that time.

I think all of us are familiar with the phrase/song “Jesus take the Wheel”. Go ahead and implement that. It’s great. Hand it over. Jesus will take the wheel, but my sweet friend, you still have to push the pedal to drive. You still have to keep your eyes on the road.

You still have to look at your GPS and listen for directions. Where do you need to turn next? You won’t know without a map.

You still have to look in your rear view mirror and acknowledge what’s behind you. Be honest and vulnerable about your past. Share it with others. Your past is a crucial part of your journey and destination but please don’t dwell there. Keep moving.

Keep an eye on each side mirror. This way you won’t surprised if something tries to sneak up on you. If you ignore this small detail, if you just simply press ahead thinking you’re invincible, you could be side-swiped and end up in ditch. I’ve woken up in a ditch before. It’s deep, muddy and all around zero fun. On top of that, it takes a lot of climbing to get out. I highly recommend steering clear of it. Be aware of your surroundings and of what you surround yourself with. Pay attention.

Drive the speed limit. Man, this a tough one for me. Can I get an AMEN? Many of us are rushing, rushing, rushing. We have places to go and people to see. We just want to get to our destination. Be okay with the transition. Endorse the unknown. Things may be moving too slowly(or quickly) in your finite mind. Rely on God’s timing for your life.

Lastly, your car has to have fuel. You have to delegate time to stop and refuel. Prayer, friendship, rest and recreation are not optional, they’re necessary! You can’t fulfill your purpose without filling up. Fill yourself up with what is GOOD.

You see, it is absolutely necessary for us all to evaluate the intentions of our hearts. Take a moment and ask yourself these questions: Where am I now and where am I headed? Who’s at the wheel of my car? Am I listening to His direction? Am I using my past as a crutch or as a tool? Am I paying attention to my surroundings? Am I trusting God’s timing? Am taking the time to refuel? Evaluate and adjust as necessary.

Every single day has purpose. If we’re not careful, distractions can easily direct our path. If we choose live intentionally, it enables us to live out that purpose each and every single day.

Lets live our lives on purpose. Let’s shine for Him- intentionally and brightly.

— xo —

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