Rich Living

Budgeting is the worst. Let’s be honest, it is. It’s a hard discipline to implement. It’s also quite the reality check when you break everything down and realize you’ve spent about $1500 on caffeine in the last year alone. (Yes, that’s a real thing. Don’t judge me.) Although, quite frankly that could be considered a bit of an investment. I don’t wake up this awesome, after all! Coffee makes me awesome. Espresso awakens the Holy Spirit! Am I right?! Just kidding. That’s ridiculous.

In all seriousness-I am a single mom, working part-time…meaning I’m not living the lush life over here. Every dollar counts. I’ll be honest with you-it’s a sacrifice. It’s worth it to spend four days with my son, I’m blessed to be able to do that, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

We live in a world where being rich is equated to the money in your paycheck, the car you drive, the house you live in and the money in your bank account. In turn, when you add up your monthly income and deduct the cost of rent and basic living expenses, it can leave you feeling very discouraged. I know I was.

But do you know what I realized? Listen to what the Lord has taught me. This is gold, pure gold. Rich living begins when we stop asking what we can get and start asking what we can give.

You weren’t called to be rich. You were called to live richly! You were called to serve! If I’m being honest, materialism took up so much space in my heart for so long. God removed so many toxic things from my life. He removed so many unnecessary distractions. He humbled me and that is a blessing.

However, If you’re kind of broke like me, you may be thinking-“How can I give when I don’t have much (if any) extra to give?“. We are automatically fine tuned to think that giving is equated to making a monetary donation. While it definitely can be, let me present a rebuttal for you.

Maybe you are short on cash but do you have time? Do you have a willingness to serve, to write, to speak up or out? What natural God-given gifts do you have? They were given to you freely as a blessing. It’s your responsibility to give them away! What do you have available to you? How are you using those resources?

After all, you didn’t see Jesus going around throwing money at people. He served. He interacted with people. He gave His time.

Okay and maybe you’re short on time too-aren’t we all. Welcome to 2018. We’re all “too busy”. What can you do in your daily routine to make a difference? If you are captivated by purpose, you will find a way. Focus on what matters. Do not underestimate small acts of kindness. Do not underestimate the power of Jesus to speak through you if you allow him to do so. In a world that is exceptionally cruel, genuine kindness speaks volumes.

You see, the enemy speaks to our insecurities. He tells you that you’re insignificant. He tells you that because you aren’t popular, famous or wealthy that you do not have the ability to impact anyone- so why bother?

Even regarding this blog-I’ve been tempted to stop. It’s not always easy to post. It’s not always easy being vulnerable. It’s not always easy to expose my heart, my emotions or experiences. Its not always easy feeling as though I may be judged or mocked for it. You know what though? I may have one reader. That’s okay. It won’t stop me. As long as I believe it is something I should be doing I will continue to do it. As long as I continue to do it for HIS glory and not my own, I will continue to write.

So if you read this and felt called by the Spirit to do something, to start something or finish something- do it, say it. You can’t perform miracles but He can. If He lives within you, what you have to say or do is so significant.

Keep shining. Be generous with whatever it is that you’ve been given. Sacrifice, serve and always remember that being rich has nothing to do with money.


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